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Hair Sgene:
Body Sgene:
None Colorize Reverse
Leg Sgene:
None Colorize Reverse
Face Sgene:
None Colorize Reverse
Eyes: ffffff
Hair: ffffff ffffff
Body: ffffff
Extra: ffffff ffffff
Advanced Rules
Optional extras to customize what ponies you get from the Surpise Me! button.
Allow BrS:
Limit Colors
ffffff ffffff ffffff
ffffff ffffff ffffff

Images are owned by Pony Island and images produced on this site are not authorized to be posted/distributed anywhere except Pony Island. Authorization to post the images elsewhere must be obtained through Pony Island.

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This is a tool to convert old PI urls (pre-2014) into the new url format. There is probably a 99% chance you have no use for it at this point. But here it is!

Copy the URL of the generated image to get your new image url.

Old URL:

2/25/2019 - Added the advent genes, removed adbox, removed nav bar for test breeding. Sorry to those of you who were waiting for it. As you probably noticed, I haven't been very active on this. I haven't been active on PI. But I want the people who use this to have the option to continue to use I'm putting it up on github. You can download it to use/modify locally or upload it elsewhere if you want. I have no plans to remove it from this site but I'm also not gonna promise it'll be here forever.

3/14/2018 - Added Falcon to the gen. Also made a minor tweak that will hopefully prevent you guys from having to clear your caches when I update. For real this time maybe?

3/13/2018 - Minor tweak, but hopefully it helps. The short, non-technical version is that if you get a broken image, hopefully hitting update once or twice more will show the image. Now the longer version. Following the conversation on this thread, I saw a user remark that changing the 'im1-4' bit at the beginning of the url will sometimes unbreak broken images. I decided to set the image gen to increment this number every time a user hits update. Hopefully this will allow you guys to preview ponies on this site even when one of PI's image servers is having trouble fetching a particular asset.

3/13/2018 - Added Vulpine to the gen.

3/12/2018 - Added Splotches to the gen.

12/24/2017 - Added some more advanced options to the randomizer. You can now filter BrS genes and select specific colors when randomizing a pony. Also some minor formatting fixes, and a fix that hopefully makes it so you don't have to do a hard refresh on the page for every update. Though it will require one for this update to clear out the previously cached files.

12/22/2017 - Added options for Reverse Colorize. Took a bit of tweaking the UI and it's a bit rushed so feedback and bug reports are certainly welcome! You may need to hard refresh (ctrl+f5) to see the changes.

12/20/2017 - Added Hair Splash

8/6/2017 - Minor fix to fix a bug where clicking another button while clicking off the selector failed to update the color.

8/6/2017 - Added Highlights to the sgene list. Changed what color picker library we're using. This one is supposed to be mobile friendly, so hopefully all the mobile users will have an easier time of this. Color hex's are now displayed outside the color picker window to prevent accidently changing colors when trying to copypasta.

5/30/2017 - Revamped the entire site to actually look good. I also added a way to manually add sgenes/breeds to the system when PI updates. This removes the need for the ?? options in the dropdowns, and is more sustainable if I ever take another leave of absence from updating this site. See the help section (yeah, we have one now) for more info on that!

Can I modify the code?

Yes you can! The source code is on GITHUB. You can download it and run/modify it locally or upload it elsewhere. The only condition is that the disclaimer about PI's image ownership intact, as this was a request made by PI to prevent the site from being mistaken for a free adopatable/ponysona/character generator.

Who made all this?

The images themselves are owned and hosted by Pony Island. This generator is programmed and run by LisaGreywords. The color picker is a library from Spectrum.

Can I use/sell these pictures on other sites?(Social media, personal blogs, etc.)

No. The images and art are owned by Pony Island and used here with permission. This site is a tool to help players of Pony Island plan future breeding projects. It is not for creating adoptables/personas/characters for other sites. Only Pony Island can give permission to repost them elsewhere.

What's the 'Add Breeds/Sgenes' for?

It's so users can start previewing new breeds/sgenes as soon as they're released instead of waiting for me to update this page.

How do I know what number to add for the breed/sgene?

Generally it's the next number in the sequence. So, with the most recent breed being DinoPonies at #20, the next breed added will most likely be at #21. Same rule for sgenes. If that doesn't work, try the next couple numbers in the sequence. Sometimes things are released out of order.

What's the BrS Breed for?

It's used for the "Allow BrS" option in the Advanced Rules for the generator.

So can I use this to preview upcoming genes/breeds? =3

Haha, no, sadly not. :) PI makes sure breeds/genes are not visible in the game until they are ready. Playing around with this gen will not allow you to see them any sooner than anyone else on PI.

What's the "Allow BrS" checkbox for?

It filters out Breed Specific Sgenes from the Surprise Me! function. This is to allow users who don't want to bother with cross breeding to not be shown a ton of sgene combos they're not into.

What's the Limit Colors option for?

If you change a color in one or more of those boxes and check the box beside each color you change, then the Surprise Me! function will only use those colors. Select up to six colors to limit what colors the randomized pony will have.

Why the ad?

I pay out of pocket to keep this site up and running, so I would like to be able to recoup some of those costs. :)