Welcome to Flight Tester, the dragon preview tool by LisaGreywords!

While the art was taken from the FR psd's, they are hosted, assembled, and modified by code here. No Flight Rising code is used on this site, nor are the Flight Rising servers accessed at any point. As such, nothing on this site was reverse-engineered from Flight Rising, and traffic to this site will not affect Flight Rising's severs/load times in any way.

Shading will never be implemented on this site. In previous threads, the Flight Rising admin have expressed concern that a tool like this would be used as a substitute for the effort of actually breeding your dream dragon. So this way, players can preview how colors will be placed on certain breeds, but will not get the full-fledged artwork they would get from actually breeding the dragon in Flight Rising.

Art is of course © Flight Rising. I would also like to thank TheUnderdog09 for compling this color chart that I referenced in building this.

Flight Tester



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Secondary Color:

Tetriary Color: